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Physical commodity trading is complex. Financing adds layers of difficulty. Relationships are more fragile than ever.

We help commodity firms get their specific transactions financed, all while reducing risks for the lenders

MatterSphere is a secure platform that brings together companies who require commodity trade financing with lenders who would like to provide the necessary capital.

Users negotiate, execute and track commodity trade loans and the underlying commodity trades on our advanced Blockchain infrastructure.

Secure, tamper-proof and easy to use.
How it works

For commodity traders

Make your trades happen with better financing. Track every step. Ramp up your control. Prove your trades effortlessly. Our platform helps you with your unique financing needs.
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For lenders

Maximize net returns financing uncorrelated, collateralized commodity trades. Reduce risks with full collateral transparency. Boost profitability streamlining the lending process.
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Discover options you never knew you had
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Digitalize your trade and obtain a loan (Trader), or finance the trade (Lender)
Stay in full control while MatterSphere authenticates every step
Settle your trade, and repay the loan
We do the heavy lifting so your commodity loans and the underlying trades are both really easy to control and extremely secure.
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Digital identity.    Blockchain technology.    Enterprise-grade security.   Total privacy controls.    GDPR compliant.

Get your trades done - boost profitability

Reduce risks. Streamline processes and save cost. Reach out to a global audience.

Get more trades done

With flexible, non-bureaucratic financing, traders can get their specific trades done and explore high-margin trade routes. Asset managers obtain the tooling to scale-up and boost their profitability.

Gain global access to loans

Get in touch with lenders from all around the world. Negotiate loans, execute and extend loan agreements - with just a few easy clicks. Reduce KYC efforts to a couple of minutes with our integrated solution.

Easily organize & authenticate transactions

Users proudly authenticate their work - deskless.
Traders orchestrate their transactions, and lenders negotiate and execute loans - all on a unified platform.

Achieve full collateral control

Get real-time transparency on every step of your loan collateral. Hold traders accountable for the exact trade execution. All data is immutable and cryptographically secure - trade secrecy guaranteed.

Scale-up with ‘zero-pain’ integration

There’s no “installation.” Simply add your trades and scale. Seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, documents and service providers.

Build trust with blockchain tech

Synchronize every action with the certainty that no data has been tampered with, anywhere in the world, at any time. Demonstrate & achieve your ESG goals with audit-ready compliance.
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Our mission

We believe that new technology should not just cement traditional processes, but support and drive a more efficient and more inclusive commodity trading ecosystem.

With MatterSphere, we have set out to provide leading-edge infrastructure and the right toolkit to strengthen commodity finance from the bottom-up, and to help maximize the entrepreneurial freedom of both commodity firms and asset managers.
With effective trust comes better financing
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