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Collateralized CTF transactions made easy

On the MatterSphere network,  investors
discover, negotiate, execute and track
collateralized CTF transactions.

Secure, tamper-proof and easy to use -
based on blockchain infrastructure
and digital ID technology.


We help investors to finance commodity transactions and earn attractive yields

A single web hub allows you to efficiently originate and control your financing transaction - from warehouse to factory.

Leading service providers from the industry keep the financing collateral save - strongly reducing risks.
How it works

For financiers

Maximize net returns when financing collateralized commodity trades. Reduce risks with full collateral transparency. Boost profitability streamlining the pre- and post-deal processes.
Boost your profitability

For commodity traders

Make your trades happen with better financing. Discover new sources of capital. Efficiently negotiate deals, and save money streamlining the execution of your financing transactions
Get better financing
Digital identity.    Blockchain technology.    Enterprise-grade security.   Privacy controls.    GDPR compliance.

Boost profitability

More opportunities - globally

Discover attractive transactions that need financing. Get in touch with financiers from all around the world. Negotiate loans, execute and extend loan agreements - with just a few easy clicks.

KYC in 5 minutes

Reduce KYC efforts to a couple of minutes with our fully integrated KYC tooling.
All participants are cryptographically identified through the MatterSphere mobile app.

Secure title custody

Trusted 3rd party custodians from the commodity industry hold on to the original title documents on your behalf during the transactions, strongly reducing the possibility of frauds.

Full collateral control

Get real-time transparency about your collateral on every step. Hold traders accountable for the exact  execution of the agreed upon transaction.

Enterprise-grade blockchain

The MatterSphere Blockchain keeps data encrypted and accessible to the parties involved in a transaction only.
Data is immutable, and cannot be tampered with - ready for independent audit at all times.

Zero-pain integration

There’s no installation. Simply add or discover trades at scale. Seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, documents and service providers.
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Trustworthy.     Collaborative.     Efficient.
The alternative CTF network
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