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Our mission

We believe that new technology should not just cement traditional processes, but support and drive a more efficient and more inclusive commodity trading ecosystem.

With MatterSphere, we have set out to provide leading-edge infrastructure and the right toolkit to strengthen commodity finance from the bottom-up, and to help maximize the entrepreneurial freedom of both commodity firms and asset managers.

Our story

Since 2015, our team has been building cutting-edge blockchain applications for leading enterprises and industries (across identity, finance, education, compliance, government).

In 2018, we began exploring blockchain applications within commodity trading and alternative lending. After uncovering the structural limitations within the commodity finance sector that could be solved with blockchain and digital identity, the idea behind MatterSphere was born. Diamond Digital AG assembled a global, diversified team to create the tooling needed to empower commodity traders for an uncertain future.

In 2020, MatterSphere launches with global industry partners amid a rapidly changing commodity finance landscape, where digital infrastructure and tooling are needed more than ever.

What we do

MatterSphere is a secure platform that brings together companies who require commodity trade financing with lenders who would like to provide the necessary capital. To reduce the financing risk, our platform allows users to create, execute and track commodity trade loans and the underlying commodity trades in real-time.

Alternative financiers can discover potential clients, gain necessary insights that they need in order to lend, and efficiently execute deals. MatterSphere is the easiest way to handle the complete transaction flow of a commodity trade and reach the alternative capital needed to execute.

By leveraging user-friendly blockchain technology & digital ID for deskless users, MatterSpheres aims to become the first scalable & trustable trade financing platform for small- / medium-sized commodity transactions.

About us

Diamond Digital AG, the company that builds MatterSphere, is headquartered in Switzerland. The MatterSphere team is distributed across Switzerland, USA, India, and Italy. Team members have backgrounds in hedge funds (commodity trading), investment banking (UBS, Deutsche Bank), infrastructure engineering (SwissRe, various banks), and blockchain (Polkadot, Ethereum). The development of MatterSphere happens in close collaboration with partners from the commodity industry.
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