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Our mission

Equip investors for CTF
with a network that is trustworthy, collaborative and efficient

We believe that technology should not just cement traditional processes, but support and drive a more efficient and more inclusive commodity finance ecosystem.

With the MatterSphere network, we have set out to provide leading-edge infrastructure and the right toolkit to strengthen commodity finance from the bottom-up, with the vision to close the CTF gap.

What we work for and believe in

he MatterSphere network provides the tools and processes that are necessary to create trust between financiers and borrowers, equipping investors to engage in CTF; unlocking alternative sources of CTF capital.

The MatterSphere network enables service providers for effective collaboration, providing them the infrastructure for title custody and attestations of facts about the transaction collaterals. This collaborative approach transforms the current CTF process, boosting efficiency while reducing risks.

The MatterSphere network strives to make CTF inclusive, so that smaller commodity companies and those sitting in less privileged areas of the world can benefit as well.

The MatterSphere network recognizes the importance of commodities for building a sustainable economy. It becomes instrumental in allowing financiers to manage their respective CTF allocations to support this transformation.

Eventually, the MatterSphere Network will implement mechanisms to share back its revenue in order to maximize the utility for each participant. As such, it will become effectively decentralized.

Our story

Since 2016, our team has been building cutting-edge blockchain applications for leading enterprises and industries (across identity, finance, education, compliance, government).

In 2018, we began exploring blockchain applications within commodity trading and commodity trade finance. After uncovering structural limitations within the commodity finance sector that could be solved with blockchain and digital identity, the idea behind MatterSphere was born. Diamond Digital AG assembled a global, diversified team to create the tooling needed for closing the CTF gap with alternative capital.

The MatterSphere network launched in 2022 with global industry partners amid a rapidly changing commodity finance landscape, where digital infrastructure and tooling are needed more than ever.

About us

Diamond Digital AG, the company that builds MatterSphere, is headquartered in Switzerland. The MatterSphere team is distributed across Switzerland, Singapore, and Italy.

Team members have backgrounds in hedge funds (financial commodities), physical commodity trading (Gunvor), investment banking (UBS, Deutsche Bank), infrastructure engineering (SwissRe, various banks), and blockchain (Polkadot, Ethereum).

The development of MatterSphere happens in close collaboration with partners from the commodity industry.

Executive team

Dr. Mathias Bucher, CEO
Former  Quant Hedge Fund Manager
Founding Member of the Web3 Foundation Council
Lecturer of Blockchain Technology at Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts.
Michele Forte, CTO
Former head FinTech at ti&m
Former Senior IT architect at SwissRe
Blockchain Leader
Technology  Investor
Rene Van der Kam, Head of Partnerships
Founder of Viant Commodities
Former Global Head Base Metals at Gunvor
25+ years experience in commodities at JP Morgan, Enron, Metallgesellschaft
Trustworthy.     Collaborative.     Efficient.
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