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How it works

Inherent frictions exist between every layer from collateral to financing.
MatterSphere reduces these frictions with our comprehensive tooling - from the bottom-up. 

Authenticate with Total Secrecy
Our easy-to-use platform allows users to univocally identify the collateral and all involved parties at all times. This creates the trust necessary for financing non-mainstream trades, or transactions from smaller companies.
Raw, bulk goods (commodity)
Legal entity ID System
Authenticate with Mobile App
Cryptographically identify all parties and the trade/loan collateral. Deskless & digital.
Moving goods from seller to buyer
Blockchain & smart contracts
Organize with Control Center
Create trades on our platform, track them 'from mine to market'. Share trades as collateral, building instant trust.
Commodity trader
Organizes the  transaction
CLOUD infrastructure
Get Financed through Meeting Point
A secure platform brings lenders and traders together. Unlock capital for profitable trades, reducing risks & cost.
Trade finance loans
Provides loans to execute the trade
Less friction between every layer compounds profitability.
A comprehensive set of tools - purpose-built with leading-edge technology - establishes trust.
This is how commodity trade finance can profitably scale-up.
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Our solutions & tooling are built to help you execute
Efficiently build trust to get better financing
Mobile App
Authentication is now
Cryptographically identify all parties and the trade/loan collateral. Deskless & digital.
Integrated legal entities ID system,
KYC in minutes, full collateral tracking
Control Center
Prove your trades.
Create trades on our platform, track them  through the cycle. Share trades as collateral.
Cryptographic privacy, blockchain-based security, robust, tailored processes, minimized risk, less cost
Meeting point
Better loans - bottom-up.
A secure platform bringing lenders and traders together. Unlocking capital for profitable trades. Reducing risks and cost for lenders.
Integrated negotiation and execution of loans, full-view of physical trade, global reach
Unified trust platform
We bring together a comprehensive digital backbone, designed and built from the ground-up for minimizing frictions and closing loopholes.

Traders & lenders can quickly get up to speed and focus more on getting profitable business done.
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Mobile App
Authentication is now
Control Center
Prove your trades.
Meeting Point
Better loans - bottom-up.
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We make the use of 'complicated technology' like Blockchain as easy as a “drag-n-drop” interface. Tailored smart-contracts for specific trades can be created 'on the fly' and deployed in the cloud with just one click. All with cryptographic security and identification of every participant.
Legal entity ID system
KYC, AML, PEP, Sanction checks - comprehensive, instant, anywhere
Strongly reduce “documentation” efforts
Effortless tracability and facilitated compliance
deskless & digital
Enterprise Blockchain
Accelerate, Secure
Implicit cryptographic security
Real-time synchronization
Fraud reduction
Automatic auditability
Full tracability of collateral ownership
scale & liquidity
privacy & compliance
Cloud platform
Zero installation
Zero maintenance
Automatic updates
Privacy-first features
Turnkey deployment
automation & efficiency
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