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How it works

Inherent frictions exist between every layer from collateral to financing.
MatterSphere reduces these frictions with our comprehensive tooling - from the bottom-up. 

Authenticate with Total Secrecy
Our easy-to-use platform allows users to univocally identify the collateral and all involved parties at all times. This creates the trust necessary for financing non-mainstream trades, or transactions from smaller companies.
KYC & Legal
Legal entity ID System
Onboard with Mobile App
Perform KYC checks via Webhub
Digitally execute legal agreements
Meeting Point
Originate deals
Discover new financiers - globally
Find attractive transaction in need of financing
NegotIaTion toolkit
Define the terms of your deal
Negotiate and refine the transaction details
Control center
Monitor transaction and collateral
Collaborate with trusted service providers directly on the blockchain
Trustworthy.     Collaborative.     Efficient.
Digital identity
Authentication is now
Meeting Point
Discover new opportunities
Control Center
De-risk your transactions
Powered by blockchain, cryptography & the cloud
Legal entity ID system
Fully automated API integration
to check KYC, PEP, sanction lists - comprehensive, instant, anywhere
Strongly reduce efforts for legal and regulatory documentation
Enterprise Blockchain
Cryptographic security
Real-time synchronization
Fraud reduction
Automatic auditability
Full tracability of collateral ownership
Cloud Services
Zero installation
Zero maintenance
Automatic updates
Privacy-first features
Turnkey deployment
Get started
Trustworthy.     Collaborative.     Efficient.
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