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Discover traders in need of financing
Uncorrelated & controlled risk, real asset trades, tangible collateral, greater net returns
Deal origination takes minutes, not months. MatterSphere gives institutional investors first-of-its-kind access by making commodity trade finance scalable, less risky & more profitable
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Default rate (using MatterSphere)
Annualized interest rate
$4 trillion
Market size
Unique Risk Profile
Uncorrelated, recession-resistant, low default rates
Real Assets
Financing is backed by hard assets as underlying collateral
Short Term Duration
Under 3 months duration,
automatically liquidates
Small and medium traders are dealing with the impact of a new global economic paradigm – banks are closing, trade routes are changing, all are demanding tangible actors to find new financings as a matter of survival.

While we can’t predict what the future holds, MatterSphere aims to provide smart options to these businesses in need with the active investing community. We aim to reduce the friction that has previously made commodity trade finance inaccessible to the institutional investing public for a true win-win opportunity.
MatterSphere’s platform increases the intrinsic gross profitability of short-term commodity trade finance
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Efficient loans with global reach
Increase profitability, scale, & turnover
Control Center
Monitor and track collateral
Reduce collateral risks
Demonstrate ESG compliance
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Expedite & automate KYC/AML processes
Decrease origination & overhead costs
Are you already a player in the industry?
Revolvers, medium-long term loans, may be future products offered on MatterSphere
Asset manager
Alternative lender
Banks (trade finance or non trade finance)
Asset manager, hedge fund, debt fund
Family office, accredited investor
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Trader2Trader financing
Trader-Lender (large commodity traders that lend)
Commodity trade advisory
Commodity finance insurance
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Logistics provider or freight forwarder
Marine insurance providers
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